Musical Theater International and Maryland Community Theater Holding Auditions

A Maryland Community Theater, Twin Beach Players along with the popular Music Theater International (MTI) is organizing a comedy play called “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum”. MTI holds the licensing rights for off-Broadway, Broadway, and West End Musicals so it is an exceptional opportunity for you to embark upon your acting career.

Twin Beach Players is currently seeking actors of age 16 years and up to work on the comedy theater. The play is based upon a book written by Burt Shevelove and Larry Gelbart. Thecomposition of the music and the lyrics have been written by Stephen Sondheim.  Sid Curl will be directing the musical production.

About the Auditions

Dates: The auditions will be held at the following dates and timings:

  • 21st September, 2016 from 2:00 PM — 5:00 & 7:00 PM — 9:00 PM
  • 22nd September, 2016 from 7:00 PM — 9:00 PM

The callbacks will be held on 25th August, 2016.

Please make sure that you apply before the deadline passes so that you get an opportunity to play lead roles in a fascinating play.

Description of the Roles

1.     Hysterium:

The word basically translates to “hysterical and anxious” in the English language.  The “um” in the name makes the name of the character a neuter — therefore, throughout the play, the gender is mistaken. Hysterium is the main slave who works in the “House of Senex”.

2.     Pseudolus:

Pseudolus is a Roman slave whose master is Hero. He/she is seeking his/her freedom by assisting Hero Philia’s love. The name of this character means “Faker”. Even though this role was originally meant for a male actor, it is known that even females have played it.

3.     Proteans:

These are choristers who will have to play the role of multiple characters including soldiers, citizens, slaves, citizens and eunuchs. In the Broadway show, only three actors played these roles.  These actors are the ones who escort Pseudolous in “Comedy Tonight”.

4.     Panacea:

The Greek word Panacea means “Cure All”. Panacea is a courtesan present in the “House of Lycus”. The character has a face that can hold promises and also a body that will firmly deliver these promises as well.

5.     Geminae:

The Latin word Geminae translates to “Twins” These are twin courtesans present in the “House of Lycus”.

6.     Vibrata:

The name means a very “vibrant” person and this character is also a courtesan in the “House of Lycus”.

7.     Tintinabula:

The Latin name means “bells”. This character wears jingling bells and is also a courtesan in the “House of Lycus”.

8.     Gymnasia:

The Greek name means “Athletic” but the word also has a connotation for “nudity”. This character is also a courtesan in the “House of Lycus” Pseudolous falls in love with Gymnasia.

9.     Erronius:

The Latin word means “Wandering” and this character is Senex’s aged neighbor who lives in the house adjacent house at the right. He has been looking for his lost children for two decades who were kidnapped by pirates at infancy.

10.Marcus Lycus:

Marcus is the supplier of courtesans. He operates his business from his house that is present at the left of the House of Senex. The name is based upon the pimp from Platus’ Poenulus.

11.Miles Gloriosus:

The Latin word means bigheaded soldier. The character is a typical Roman soldier who loves to brag about his achievements. Miles is a Roman army captain. Marcus has promised the hand of Philia to him.


The Latin name means “mistress” she is Senex’s wife. She is a manipulative and cunning woman hated deeply by all alike, including her husband.


The Latin name means “old man”. The character is a Roman senator who does not live in a posh suburb of Rome.


Pjilia is a Greek word that means “love”. She is a virgin who resides in the “House of Lycus”. Hero is in love with her. The name is also a homophone for the word filia that translates to “sister”. This depicts that she may also be Miles’ sister.


The character is Senex’s son who falls profoundly in love with Philia.

Preparation Details

  • The applicants will have to perform cold readings from the given script.
  • There will be dancing and movement.
  • You will have to be fully prepared to sing and song — even a “Happy Birthday” song would suffice.

** Important Note: Please bring a headshot if you already have one. **


This is a non-paid production.


The application deadline is 19th September, 2016.


The submissions must be made at

Additional Information

You may obtain additional information by visiting the website or checking the event page on Facebook.


Casting Calls for the Season 5 of House of Cards


The casting directors at Marinella Hume Casting is seeking background actors for the fifth season of the House of Cards — a highly popular original political drama series by Netflix. The season is filming in Maryland and locals are required to play a variety of roles.

The show revolves around a conniving politician Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, who paves his way forward until he becomes the president of USA and is supported by his equally scheming wife, Claire Underwood played by Robin Wright. The House of Cards is the longest running show of Netflix and it is based upon a BBC show that goes by the same name.

If you are interested in being cast as an extra on the show then read the casting notice below:

Actors Required for Friday 2nd September, 2016


  • The filming will be done in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • You may have to appear as early as 5:30 in the morning.
  • All the applicants are expected to have a reliable transportation of their own.
  • Both male and female actors of ages 18 and up are required.
  • The candidates should have natural hair color and there shouldn’t be any tattoos on the body.
  • Caption the subject line as “CROWD 9/2”.

Fresh Face for Press

  • The applicants must have either business casual or business professional options.
  • The candidates should have natural hair color and there shouldn’t be any tattoos on the body.
  • Mention if you have a preexisting experience with camera, press or crew.
  • The applicant should not yet have worked on the 5th season in any of the background roles and should have been featured on previous seasons as well. Fresh face is mandatory.
  • Caption the subject line as “Press 9/2”.
  • Both male and female actors of ages 18 and up are required.

Fresh Faces of Ages 18 and Up

  • Male and female actors required for various roles.
  • Candidates should be fresh to the fifth season of House of Cards and should not have been feature in the previous seasons as well.
  • The candidates should have natural hair color and there shouldn’t be any tattoos on the body.
  • Caption the subject line of the email as “Fresh 9/2”

Submission Details

All the submission emails must be sent at SAG members must submit the emails at SAG.MHC@GMAIL.COM.  Please make sure that the submissions include the following details:

  • Complete legal name as mentioned on the ID
  • Contact Number
  • Age
  • Weight and Height
  • Women should mention the following sizes:
    • Bust
    • Waist
    • Dress
    • Hip
    • Shoes
  • Men should mention the following sizes:
    • Inseam
    • Waist
    • Neck
    • Sleeve
    • Jacket
    • Shoe
  • City and state of residence
  • Union Status: SAF-AFTRA or Non-Union
  • List the location of tattoos (if any)
  • Mention if you have a profile made on the database of Marinella Hume Casting Database
  • Have you previously been cast in the House of Cards?
  • Were you featured on the camera?
  • Mention the car details:
    • Year
    • Model
    • Make
    • Color
  • Clearly point out all the dates that you have worked in the House of Cards 5th Mention the roles as well.
  • Attach 2 photographs:
    • 1 close up and one full body image from head to toe
    • The background must be plain and well-lit
    • Professional headshots are not required
    • Outdated flattering photos are also not required.
    • Photos must be an exact replica of how you look like today.



The Bachelor and Bachelorette Casting


It’s the most exciting show in the US and it’s looking to make its comeback on screen for yet another season. The American reality dating game show started off as The Bachelor but it later expanded into the Bachelorette and other game shows like Bachelor in Paradise, Bachelor Pad, etc. The show is produced and created by Mike Fliess and Ken Fuchs handles the direction of the game show.

The Bachelor and the Bachelorette are both shows that have been popular fixtures on TVs and now it’s your chance to be a part of this game show. If you think you are eligible enough to make a celebrity Bachelor or Bachelorette choose you over the other contestants, you should jump at the chance of these auditions and get a chance to secure your future forever.

Format of the Show

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Casting Calls for CBS’s The Amazing Race


The Amazing Race started back in 2000 and has been going successfully since then. The show has been written by T.J Magwire. It is a reality TV series that has won many Emmy awards over the years. The show is hosted by Phil Keoghan. The show is now on its 29th season and it is about 12 teams who consist of 2 people each. Each season usually takes place in different countries.

Each team has to run around reaching from point to point, whichever team reaches first, wins, and whichever team reaches last, is kicked off the show. The CBS read more »


Casting Call for Featured Roles in ‘House of Cards’


Do you think you have what it takes to be a part of famous TV series by Netflix called House of Cards? Are you a resident of Washington, D.C.? Then you can submit your application for featured roles in House of Cards Season 5. If you are a model, an actor, or any individual with the right talent, you can apply for this casting call. The shooting will take place in Baltimore, Maryland. The available roles are of upper class individuals, who will be playing aides, donors, and assistance.

1.     About the Show

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ABC Reality TV Shows Television

Nationwide Casting Call for The Bachelor


Do you want to appear in a game show that is for singles? This is the chance for you to come on TV and become a part of the popular show. Do you think you have what it takes to be a part? Then here are all the requirements and what you can do to join.

Eligibility Criteria

Here are some things you will need to keep in mind before applying:

  • Applicants cannot be affiliated or associated with any political office
  • They must be legal citizens or residents of the US
  • Must have valid passports and ids
  • Must be above the age of 21
  • Must be single. Any applicant who is not single, will not be considered
  • Must never have been in jail or been convicted of any kind of felony
  • Must understand all the requirements and considerations of the show
  • Must be willing to become a part of everything that goes on in the show and must sign a release attesting to the understanding of and willingness to be a part with consent
  • Please read the following in order to fully know the requirements here.

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Commercial Modeling

Casting Models for Pampers Commercial


Pampers is currently in search of cute babies and actors who would play their mothers. The casting directors will cast the Pampers commercial in Los Angeles, California.  They are currently looking for an East Indian baby and a mother who would like to be a part of the upcoming Pampers commercial. The casting director has instructed that the baby and his mother will have to fly to Los Angeles and all the expenses will be paid by the company. In addition to this, they would stay in a hotel and would receive per diem travel expenses. The mother will receive $1000 for the shoot day and $3,000 for the usage. Similarly, the baby read more »


Participate in Shark Tank Auditions


If you think you have a business idea that can make you a business giant with the right financial support, pitch your idea with the business moguls and get a chance to establish your dream business if your idea is able to impress the  investors.

ABC network is on the lookout for people to participate in a new season of their reality TV show called the Shark Tank. The show provides opportunity to entrepreneur and people having aspiring new and unique ideas to try their hand at impressing business moguls to back their idea and make it into a successful business venture.

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How to Audition Well


First, let’s start by defining a good audition. A good audition might not get you the part you are auditioning for, but it will showcase your best side to the casting panel and build your reputation as an actor and keep you in their minds when they are casting their next production.Representation: These days even getting the auditions to go to is a hurdle in itself. Acquiring an agent is the best thing you can do for your career.

You already have someone who vouches for your talent without you having to say a word. A lot of auditions aren’t publicly advertised and stay within industry read more »

Acting Television

Casting Call for DC Police Officers


If you are a police officer in DC, and you would like to see yourself on TV, this is a wonderful opportunity for you. The casting party of the House of Cards Season 5 requires some young athletes who can play recurring roles in the series. The filming of this sequel starts on July 15, so be quick to have a chance in participating in one of the most successful drama series in the country.

About The Series

House of Cards is a very famous political drama. It is in fact based on a series produced by BBC on political topics as well as a novel. It started in 2013 and going strong since then. It is now in its fifth season. Willimon initiated this wonderful drama, but has stepped down for the upcoming season.

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