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Acting Game Show Reality TV Shows

Speed Network – Obsticle Course Competition

Drive your vehicle, old & beat up. . . what ever condition your car is, we’ll let you drive it around our insane obstacle course for the chance to win a $25,000 grand prize to “Pimp your Car”. Any car will do as long as you have the guts to drive it around our awesome obstacle course! read more »

Acting Movies

Movies – A Fight Remains

Now casting a male lead role for a dramatic short film called “A Fight Remains.” I’m seeking good looking African American males who are between the ages 25 & 35 yrs old, to play love interests for the lead role in our short film. Their will be NO PAY! I’m offering: Credit, Copy and Food. read more »

Acting Dance Theatre

Theatre – Best Friends Forever

Casting 3 roles featured in a new musical entitled “BFF”. Equity and non-union talent welcome to submit:

Sidney – High school age, white female. (TRAINED DANCER) Sidney is the calm one of the group. Sidney has an easy time getting along with others and is very skilled in dance. She feels the only time she is truly happy is when she’s dancing. read more »

Acting Promotional Modeling

Promo Modeling – Trivia Host

Seeking entertaining, engaging, individuals to host trivia at bars and diners in the DC area.

Are you a musician, Model, actor, or just a people-person who loves to work a crowd? Get paid a great hourly rate with the possibility for more work, hosting trivia games for an established trivia company. I am owner of a trivia company that produces high-quality trivia games each week for bars and restaurants across the country.  The game is entertaining and competitive, building a regular crowd read more »


Bravo – “What If”

Have you ever wondered if you had maybe missed your Mr. Right?! Were you too preoccupied with your career in the past few years to really give anyone a chance to know you? Have you wondered if perhaps your first love had been your soul mate? Did you not have the guts to as out that work crush you had, and now it might be too late? read more »

Acting Movies

Acting – The Gunrunner Billy Kane

M.D. Selig [Southern Justice] will be Directing (aired on Showtime and currently on Netflix!) Casting for the RECURRING ROLE: “The Rat”. A futuristic desert dweller, (think of the “Book of Eli”), this role is open to both MALE and FEMALE of all ethnicity’s.

Age: Should be 18 y/o or older, scene involves racing a car in the desert. read more »


Extras – At Home Workout DVD

Background Talent for At-Home Workout DVD Set

At-home workout DVD production company is looking for extremely athletic individuals would like to be the background talent in our DVD set. This is a non-union / non-speaking role. You only need to simply follow the workout instructor for the video. read more »

Reality TV Shows Television

Animal Planet – My Cat From Hell

Jackson Galaxy, expert in cat behavior has not met a cat he couldn’t handle! If your Kittie has bad attitude that is driving you crazy, then send in your application today! From excessively angry, meowing, nipping, clawing, biting, destroying the house, Jackson will transform your cat back to the cat you love! read more »

Modeling Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot – Coca Cola

We are seeking the Attractive Male and Female Models of Washington D.C. All races welcome! it doesn’t matter if applicants speak different languages because everyone understands the universal language of Coca-Cola. it’s the infamous “ahh” sound you make after taking your first drink on a perfect summer day or the “phsst” sound of the carbonation being released. read more »

Acting Reality TV Shows VH1

VH1 – In Search of The Partridge Family

Are you someone who loves to sing and act like a Partridge? Are you a person who can relate to any of the characters from the Partridge Family TV show? Including mothers who are like Shirley, teen idols like Keith or perhaps America’s next sweet heart like Laurie. Well if so, then you are in luck because VH1 is currently looking for talented people who sing, act and look like any of the original members of the Partridge Family. read more »

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