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Commercial Need 2 Caucasian Males and 3 African American Females! (Commercial)

Casting director from LA is in town and putting together a political campaign commercial. The client needs 2 Caucasian Males in their late 20s, to early 30s businessmen and clean cut types for the shoot. Along with 3 African American Females professional and in their late 40s or older. All extras will be booked on the day of the casting call as well, but principal roles will require auditions. Make sure you have your head shot ready before attending. No professional acting experience is required but you must be comfortable in front of a camera. Make sure you fit the above description before applying for this opportunity. read more »


Looking for Extrs for an Upcoming Feature (Movies)

We are gearing up to do another feature film and are in need of 50+ extras! This is the directors 10th major project and five have already landed distribution internationally. This film will be a lot of fun for talent who are looking to break into the industry and gain some on set experience. You will get a chance to work with top notch actors if booked for the gig. Casting calls will be held over the next fee weeks. Need about 10 African American Males, 2 Blonde Females, and everyone else is open to casting directors opinion. Make sure to keep you schedule open. All details on the shoot would be provided if booked only. read more »


35-45 Year Old Actress Needed for Infomercial (Informecials)

One 35-45 year old actress is needed for a local infomercial about a brand new healthy insurance program. All models will be asked to do is stand in front of the camera and read a few lines off a teleprompter. Do not need professional teleprompter experience but must be comfortable working in front of a camera. Infomercial will be televised nationwide. read more »

Fashion Modeling

Heavy Set Male Model for Shoe Ad (Fashion Modeling)

Need a heavy set male model for a tennis shoe ad for a international athletic line. The model must be over the age of 25 and heavy set. Attractive and clean cut is still going to be a requirement. All models will be called in for a casting call before being booked. In order to be considered models must provide a photo with the submission. Shoe Ad will be used for commercial, print, adv, and in store display and promotion of the new shoe. read more »

Fashion Modeling

Casting a Popular Fragrance Commercial (Fashion Modeling)

Need about 10-15 models for a popular fragrance commercial. Only 3 models will be booked for the scene. Must have features of either Marilyn Monroe, Pamela Lee Anderson, or Jamie Lee. All talent must be over the age of 18 and blonde or willing to color their hair brunette. A major casting call will be held before any bookings are suggested. All models will need to be available for the shoot dates as well. If you are comfortable being in a commercial please make sure to complete an application below and submit a photo. read more »


Drew Carey Look A Like Needed! (Television)

We are looking for a Drew Carey look a like for a special show we are putting together on our TV Pilot. Our project is viral already and we plan on pitching it to a few networks by early Spring. All talent must be drew carey look a likes therefore a photo is necessary to be considered for the project. Make sure to complete the entire application and you have to be over the age of 18 from the Washington DC area. read more »


Male Print Models for Photo Shoot (Modeling)

Trendy Print Advertisement photographer and his client are looking for male blond or auburn hair print models for a photo shoot for a high end fashion wear line. The samples would be shown to the talent booked after auditions. Models must be 18-25 years old, give or take. Over the height of 5’10 and in great physical shape. Must have a memorable and attractive face and interested in using this experience for their portfolio. Casting call will be held for this very soon so you must be available on the weekends and possibly week nights but all info would be given before hands. read more »


Jennifer Aniston Look-A-Like for Film (Acting)

Need one Jennifer Aniston look a like for a film that is being done here in the near future. Model or actress must have some professional experience but it is not mandatory. More so you looking like Jennifer Aniston is the biggest requirement of the Director of the film. Casting director plans on going through all of the submission before calling talent in. You may be required to attend a few casting calls before hands. Must be in the same age group, style, and body shape of Jennifer. Make sure to look thoroughly before submitting. read more »


European Girls for Electronic Music Video (Modeling)

10 to 15 European Caucasian Female Models needed for a last minute Music Video. The artist is a well know music mogul who is trying to put together a viral video to release to get more hits via their website. If you are a hot european girl and have some good moves in dance and would be interested in this project make sure to complete the application below.All photos will be looked through as well before accepting the applications. read more »


Actors for Pet Documentary! (Acting)

Need 2-3 actor fill ins for a re-enactment for a national Television show about pets who attack their owners. No actors or talent will be physically hurt or attacked on set. Actors must be over the age of 30 and fit the profile of what producers are looking for. If you have some time on the weekends to come out to auditions and possibly be booked for this project make sure to complete an application below and submit a photo as well. read more »

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