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Comedians for a Project (Acting)

Looking for Comedians between the age of 21 and up to 60 years old. Does not need professional comedian acting experience but must be comfortable doing improv. and work well on his/her feet. Male and female actors are asked to come in for the casting call. All talent will be asked to audition before being considered for the project. Need about 2 people to fill the role, but can work with one depending on the talent. read more »


Hair Cut Model for A-List Event (Modeling)

In search of the perfect 10 haircut models for a well known a-list event in the DC area. All models must be comfortable walking a runway show stage. Do no need professional runway experience but must know what you’re doing on stage. All models must be between the ages of 16-35 years old. Some models may be asked to get hair colored and cut, while others just styled. Once models are booked, preferences will be asked. All models must attend casting call. read more »


Male Actor for Short Film Auditions (Acting)

A local studio is putting together a short film which will be distributed to festivals nationwide. In need of an experience actor between the age of 25 and 40 years old caucasian or african american to play in the film. Must be comfortable reading lines. Will have to attend an audition. No professional acting experience is needed, but has to have some experience as an actor. Auditions will be over the next few weeks. read more »

Fashion Modeling

Female Model Needed to Pose With Male (Fashion Modeling)

In need of one or two female models, maybe to replace depending on the look of the stylist, for a fashion piece for a magazine. Model must be dress size 0-6 and no shorter than 5’5. Natural hair and great complexion would be preferred. Models of any ethnicity and over the age of 16. If under 18 must have parent or guardian fill out the application. Auditions will be held over the next few weeks. The shoot date is not scheduled yet. read more »


International DJ Video Needs Models (Dance)

Dancers and video models needed for a brand new project for an international DJ. All models must be comfortable dancing or do some sort of dance in the past. Talent of all ethnicity are welcome to come out to the casting call. Models must be over the age of 18 and comfortable working in front of the camera. The project will be broadcasted via the web and other outsources. read more »


Older Male Needed for Training Video (Acting)

In need of one older man to audition for an upcoming training video for our company. The reason for the project is to advertise the new products of our brand of hearing aids and helpful tools for older/elderly people. The project will be shot in a studio in the area. All models/actors must be over the age of 50 in order to apply. No female actresses needed only male talent. Auditions will be over the next few weeks. Talent of all nationalities are encouraged to apply. read more »

Music Video

Female Actress for Music Video (Music Video)

In need of a female actress over the age of 16 to 29 years old for a music video shoot. The music video is a new artist the album is coming out early Summer. The music video is set to shoot soon, and auditions will be over the next few weeks. The actress must have some sort of acting experience, no professional on camera work is really necessary. The music video is set around a rock group who is covering a few songs for a major motion picture project coming out soon. read more »


Male Models for Muscled Up Shoot (Modeling)

Two Male Models needed for a muscled up shoot for a well known client. This DC studio is very close to downtown and auditions will be over the next few weeks. The shoot is scheduled for a week night. Non experienced males 18-30 years old are encouraged to apply. No professional modeling work is needed. If you are a gym expert or have a fitness type shape/body make sure to apply. read more »


Talented Actors Ages 10-50 years old Casting (Acting)

Recently we have acquired a new project which is an independent film and are looking for talented people in the DC area to audition for some of the roles available. Some roles have been filled my previous film stars and actors but most are still open for discussion. The film is about a man contronting his past dead on after reuniting with his friend. Auditions will be over the next few weeks. All talent must be between the ages of 10 and 50 years old. read more »


Fashion Event Auditions for Talent (Modeling)

Looking for DC talent who are willing to put some time into auditioning and if booked, helping prep for a particular Fashion Event in the near future. All talent must be height and weight proportionate. Females over the height of 5’7 and dress size 0-6. Males over the height of 5’10. No professional on camera or modeling experience required but some runway walking experience would be preferred. read more »

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