Monthly Archives: June 2012

Game Show

Reality TV Cable Network Auditions for Show (Game Show)

Have you always wondered how you can get yourself on a Game Show? Do you always watch television and wonder how you can possibly get your 15 minutes of fame? Well here’s your chance. A local company is looking for all types of people and models for a game show on a well known reality television cable network. Talent of all shapes and sizes are needed. Must be over the age of 18, and have reliable transportation to and from the casting call as well as the shoot. read more »


Sci-Fi Film Booking Actors for Dark Role (Acting)

In search of about 4 main actors to fill in the characters left over for the film, along with about 20-30 actors to fill in extras in a couple of the scenes. Talent have to be over the age of 18 and be interested in staying for longer periods of time on set depending on how long the shoot may be. All talent will be asked to attend a casting call/auditions before the actual shoot. read more »

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