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Reality TV Shows

Fashion Makeover Show

Casting females for a new Reality TV fashion makeover show is casting females in the metro Detroit area.

Do you have or know of a group of girlfriends in desperate need of a serious surprise makeover?? Is this group of female friends turning heads for all of the WRONG reasons? Maybe one wears too much animal print, the other wears too many layers while the others are always in skimpy and revealing clothing! We are looking for a group of friends ready to face their fashion blunders and change their style for the better. Each woman needs to have a unique style issue and know the other women in the group! read more »


Sitcom Pilot Castings

Audition To Be In A Northwestern University-Supported Sitcom Pilot Funded by Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hall

About the project:
“INDEPENDENT” is a half hour comedy that follows a group of recent film school grads as they struggle to shoot their horror movie passion project.
We will be showing the final product to various television industry professionals. read more »


Horror Film Castings

N.A. Entertainment is casting for our upcoming production of Creepozoids 2: Inferno, an independent feature to be distributed internationally during the latter half of 2013.

Set on a post-apocalyptic Earth 100 years from now, it follows a band of battle-hardened mercenaries as they journey into a deadly, irradiated zone on the outskirts of the ruins of D.C. Their search for hidden plunder will take them deep beneath an abandoned military compound filled with mutated horrors and toxic trappings. read more »

Commercial Photo Shoot

Hair Models Needed

We are looking for talent for a full day video shoot on 3/4. We need Caucasian, Asian, Latino, and African American males and females from 25 to 50 years old. The main requirement for this shoot is that the person has thinning hair with visible scalp. We will be applying a temporary, and easy to wash out Hair Fiber on camera to all talent that will cover up scalp and thinning hair, as well as taking before and after stills. There might be limited speaking on camera required. The video will be used online for a period of 2 to 5 years. read more »

Promotional Modeling

Plus Size Castings

Are you a plus size woman who is in the dating scene? Are you overweight and find that many guys are attracted to you because of your larger size?

If so, we want to talk to you! read more »


Promotional Video Casting is looking for an actor (age 18 to 30, preferably sort of on the scrawny side) to appear 30 second promo spot for an upcoming campaign. This particular spot promises be fun, hilarious and down-right weird!

A brief synopsis:

A series of low keyed, dramatic close ups, set against a dark backdrop. Fog is used sparingly to up the drama. We see an unknown character slowly tying up boots, placing his hand into a tight fitting glove and balling it into a fist, pulling a mask down over his face to conceal his identity. Meanwhile, in a gritty, dramatic voice-over he tells the viewer (something akin to this): read more »


Short Film Casting

BNF productions is currently casting on Saturday 2/23/13 from 3-5pm, for a short comedic video promo piece titled “SNIFF”. This 20-25 minute segment will be used for promotional purposes only. Producer states this video is not for sale on the internet or will be marketed in any way without the consent of both performers. read more »

Music Video

Music Video Casting

This is not your typical music video – it is much more like a 4 minute short film set to music.
It is not a dance video and no dancing skills are necessary.

Top NYC production company in SoHo is looking for an actress to star in a music video for an established London band.
A lot of press is already planned for it’s release. This is a really great opportunity for your reel.

Get in the mix before we begin working with a casting director! read more »


Web Series Casting

Actress and Actors needed for Web Series.

We are currently casting for the following Non union talent:
-African American males ( age range 25-35 ) and Caucasian males (age range 20-40)
-African American or Caucasian females (appearing 20-40) with expressive eyes.
***This is a paid gig read more »


Model Wanted

Looking for a pretty¬†Caucasian¬†women with blonde or light brown hair between the ages of 20-30 (We will however make certain age exceptions) and physically fit to be used as a demonstration model for an up-coming 100% Remy Human Hair Extension line for our website. Your hair must be shoulder length and you maybe required to get a “sewn” in weave which will be undone for you (if you want) after the shoot. read more »

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